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Every activity provider (Club/Business) is allocated a FREE* listing, strategically designed to maximise the essential marketing data that searching participants are looking for. 

Maximise marketing power with SIGNONDAY’s online searchability and SEO, increase your digital footprint, find new participants, and enable online transactional conversions.

All listing pages can be configured using your own login and dashboard with a range of admin controls, product builders, and form builders.

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What can you add to your listing...

All SIGNONDAY free listings include PRODUCTS, ACTIVITIES, ABOUT, VIDEOS, IMAGES, DOCUMENTS, SOCIAL, CONTACTS, and LOCATION sections that you can populate with your own content. The graphic below is a typical example of your listing (Desktop) layout once the setup is completed. All listing pages are responsive across all digital devices. 


Products are the sports, fitness, or recreational offers you can provide to participants, through SIGNONDAY's diverse PLAYCART, you can connect your business to online payment options like ZipPay, Openpay, credit cards, and more. This enables you to provide 24/7 access for your customers to sign on and pay for your products upfront.

Activities define the sports, fitness, or recreational categories you wish to be searched under, you can select one or multiple activities depending on what your business offers. Once you have selected your preferred activities relevant header graphics will transition at the top of your listing to visually display the activities you provide.

Like most websites, the about section is your opportunity to give a prospective customer your story, what drives your business, club or recreation or what your point of difference is to others offering similar activities.

The SIGNONDAY listing allows you to upload appropriate videos, images, and documentation, relevant to your specific sports, fitness, or recreational business. We advise all providers to ensure the content is appropriate for all ages and is not subject to copyright limitations. See Terms of Use, Terms of Service, and Privacy descriptions available on this site.

Connect your social channels into your SIGNONDAY listing! - Increase your online footprint by connecting your digital ecosystem incorporating your social channels within SIGNONDAY. Benefit from integrating your products with email blasts and customer communications using your data rich dashboard and social widgets to direct clients to your products and payment solutions.

Give your customers the opportunity to reach out for more information by providing a range of contact points from SIGNONDAY, new customers who have searched and found your listing can then get in contact with you as needed. You can also be easily found with our pin drop location map, as you set up your listing you can position the pin on the exact location where your customer will find you.


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