About Signonday...
Why should I place my Sports or Fitness club/organisation/business on SIGNONDAY?
SIGNONDAY is specifically developed for sports marketing and 24/7 transactional efficiency. As an Australia-wide Sports & Fitness directory, we increase your potential to reach new participants by broadening your digital footprint. Follow our step-by-step onboarding process as you 'create a listing' and configure your product range. Signonday enables you to makes your products available to participants 24/7 with payments in full and upfront.
Why will SIGNONDAY help me save time and money?
SIGNONDAY utilises digital payment gateways like PayPal, ZipPay, and Openpay allowing participants to pay up-front, so ACTIVITY PROVIDERS can minimize chasing outstanding fees.
How do I place my Sports or Fitness club/organisation/business on Signonday for FREE?
It only takes a few easy steps to find, claim and fill out your FREE listing, click here to get started. If you are not already in our database, simply select  'Create new listing'.
Is Signonday Secure? uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. SSL is an industry standard that uses 128-bit key encryption, and is used by millions of web sites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.
Fees, charges, and financials...
Is there a yearly cost to list Sports or Fitness offers on SIGNONDAY?
Creating a marketing page and product listings on SIGNONDAY is completely free.
Are there fees and charges for FREE or PAID products placed on Signonday?
SIGNONDAY processes all $0 product sign-ons at no charge.  SIGNONDAY charges at 3.5%+GST for all PAID transactions, capped at $9.95 for products over $285 per transaction that passes through our checkout system. Signonday is 'pay as you go', no hidden fees, no monthly or yearly costs. It's that simple.
Do I have to pay for leads and enquires?
No, SIGNONDAY offers all leads and inquiries for FREE.
Does your system work for GST and non-GST registered operations?
Yes, SIGNONDAY can suit individual business needs. Please read our Terms of Service for more details.
Set up and administration...
Can I control my branding and listing information?
Yes you can, you have complete access to your dashboard where you can edit 24/7.
How do I see my sales?
All sales are emailed to you through our notification system in real-time. Sales are also logged and recorded in your dashboard for easy access when you log in.
Can I get help with setting up my Marketing Hub page and products?
Yes you can, please contact SIGNONDAY and we can help you complete your set up at any stage.

Need more information?

That's ok, you can ask us a question by visiting our contact us page, you can also request a 1on1 demonstration